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Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell a Gay, African American, with ancestral roots from West Africa, is an esteem builder and affirmation speaker to the GLBTQI community, especially youth, and their allies. He is founder & writer for the Gay Affirmation Project. "In the G.A.P"

The first born son of a career United States Marine, Chief Warrant Officer, his leadership was recognized from an early age. First as a starting American football quarterback, licensed protestant minister and peer mentor, all before graduating public high-school.

While attending the University of California at Davis, he was mentored with the Navigators, a "Man to Man" spiritual mentoring program. He developed his mentoring skills at the University of Irvine and while studying at Biola University. To date he has mentored over 100 men and women who in turn have made a great impact on their generation.

He has written curriculum, organized and spoke at regional youth, young adults and general audience retreats and conferences; he's been a regular guest speaker, and an affirming mentor to men and women for over two decades. His work with teens and young adults has given him the privilege of seeing them excel and succeed in adult life.

For over 25 years, Chris has drawn on personal experiences; including a heterosexual marriage of 13 years, a Father, Pastor, and a Male survivor of childhood incest abuse; his path has honed his skills in GLBTQI diversity issues, mentoring, and leadership development. His journey has motivated him to lead a life of simplicity, writing, reading, traveling and focussing on what matters in the present moment.

When he isn’t catching up on the latest trends, he spends time preparing gourmet meals for family and friends, creating websites, supporting the endeavors of his teenage son and being a great son to his mom. Yes, he is a momma's boy! 

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Chris Caldwell World Travels: In The G.A.P
Chris has traveled to 16 countries including South Africa, Equador, Greece, Canada, and has lived in Japan. His recent travels gave him the opportunity to march with the Gay alliance in Spain of 2013 and encourage GLBTQI in the North and South of Italy.

Today, he is privileged to speak before student and adult audiences sharing his personal story and affirming the lives of others. He now lives in California, taking care of his son and mom, nurtured by his partner, whom he met while living in Hawaii.

Speaking Topics

God Loves Diversity
Light In The World
Acceptance: I believe in me!


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Chris Caldwell

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