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Anthony was a leader in the Assemblies of God denomination (now Australian Christian Churches) and a high profile preacher in the largest Pentecostal churches of Australia and overseas. Originally being raised in society that viewed homosexuality as a mental illness and perversion, he became a Christian at 18 believing that God would provide the answers he was looking for. In the church, the rejection of his true identity was further reinforced with the belief that his attraction to the same sex was an ‘abomination’ that made him unacceptable to God and others.

For the next 22 years he tried desperately to change his innate desire for connection and intimacy with a man through psychiatric treatment, exorcisms, ex-gay programs, 40-day fasts and struggled constantly to overcome his ‘problem’. After 16 years of marriage, he was forced to admit that essentially, nothing had changed. In 1991, he faced the toughest decision of his life; be true to himself and lose everything he held dear or, live a lie.

In 2004 his autobiography, ‘A Life of Unlearning’ (third edition about to be released) , won the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association’s ‘Book of the Year’. Anthony’s powerful and brutally honest account demonstrates the personal tragedies and devastation caused when people maintain the uninformed belief that homosexuality is a sin, a choice or the result of a dysfunctional upbringing. ‘A Life of Unlearning’ inspires people to live authentically and challenges the church to rethink it’s outdated beliefs about same sex orientation. (Source)


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