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Jim and I are proud to be 
Outreach Volunteers for 
Other Sheep

Other Sheep, an ecumenical Christian ministry, is a volunteer, networking organization. Since 1992 (beginning in Latin America), Other Sheep continues to network with individuals, and interested groups, around the world, for the purpose of empowering LGBT people of faith with the message that God is Inclusive.

Visit our web pages and discuss with us and others your personal situation, ideas, activism, resources and more.  Together, by joining our efforts, we will happily see the day when religion is no longer the strongman of homophobia and anti-gay sentiment.
Rev. Steve Parelli
Executive Director
Other Sheep
Bronx, New York, USA
June 20, 2013

PS:  Visit my Executive Director website where Jose Ortiz, my husband, and I tell our Other Sheep stories.  The website is all about our Other Sheep travels (like India for example) and our personal life journey (like my “Dish Soap Theology and the Dover Train“).

Note: Presently, June 2013, Other Sheep site is being upgraded to this new site.  You can view the former home page (and web pages) of Other Sheep by clicking here.

Posted By Chris Caldwell: Affirmation Speaker at In The G.A.P.
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