SpotLife: David and Tre'Darrius Anderson

SpotLife: David and Tre'Darrius Anderson

In January 2013, two African Americans, David and Tre'Darrius were married in Washington, DC in the United States of America. Both from the Southern State of Tennessee, were African Americans have not always faired well. Young, black and gay, I am proud that these two men are turning the tide.

Love is love and age is just a number. In a country were the opinion of young black men vary, I am proud of their beginnings and future. Please support them in your prayers and best wishes. But most of all when you think of young, black, gay men. I hope you think of David and Tre'Darrius Anderson.


Guys With Pride Campaign: Petition:
David, Twitter:
Tre'Darrius, Twitter:

Posted/Written By Chris Caldwell: Affirmation Speaker at In The G.A.P.
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